CBD OILS FOR PETS from Hemp Labs Canada is 100% safe for your pets.

We understand that pets are like family and sometimes health issues do crop up when pets get old or due to many other reasons. Some health issues with pets are genetic or breed specific and some are due to age.

Our high quality CBD Oils are a pure isolate formula. All products are hemp derived with Co2 extraction, ensuring the highest quality for all products infused.

Pet parents/ Owners always want the best and safest treatments for their furry kids and hence the demand for CBD pet oils has increased manifold in the past few years.

General uses for CBD Oils for Pets

  • Serves as an anti-inflammatory
  • May reduce acne flare ups
  • Can alleviate cancer related symptoms
  • Can benefit overall organ health
  • May ease symptoms of aliments like chronic pain and anxiety

Multiple variations of PET CBD oils are available today in the market.

When you buy CBD oil for your pet, please check if it’s full spectrum or broad spectrum. This means the oil may contains not just CBD, but a range of other cannabinoids including CBC, CBN, CBD, CBG and CBA.