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EXTREME Pain/Sleep package

$395.00 $320.00

This package is our most powerful healing combination, meant to be used on the worst of pains and aid with sleep.

This set comes equipped with our strongest full spectrum CBD oil 3000mg, to help relax you enough to guide you into a wonderful deep sleep once you are ready to retire for the evening. The oil also has the strength to remedy symptoms of anxiety, depression, muscle pain and migraines.

With the perfect balance of CBN – CBD – Melatonin we have created the cleanest sleeping capsule for those who simple cant find ANYTHING to help them. We have personally tested them over 35 people and the results are the EXACT same. Clean, not groggy but very clean sleep. ( REM ).

Our 4000mg CBD cream is perfect for athletes and people with joint pains and sores. Applied in the right manner and dosage, these creams can help relieve pain, soreness in muscles and joints almost immediately.